TODAY Show Covers Online Courses

This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see the TODAY pfizer viagra coupon Show talking about online courses. They featured edtech startups, including Coursera, which lets you take college courses from some of the country’s top universities. Jamie Gangel reports on the news and declares Coursera as the largest and fastest-growing startup offering online courses, with over 300 clases to choose from and 200 million students taking courses.

Even the TODAY Show is throwing out the term, MOOC (massive open online courses), suggesting that the idea of taking online courses is becoming more mainstream. To learn more about MOOCs and the pros and cons of online courses, check out this post here.

One University of Pennsylvania professor, Al Filreis, noted that his feelings about teaching have changed thanks to the introduction of MOOCs. “I’m having the time of my life. I like it because I get to can women take viagra teach people all over the world. They are self-selected. Because they viagra coupon are not getting credit at the moment and it’s free, they come because they are interested in my topic, which is modern poetry.” Plus he is able to reach over prescription price of viagra 34,000 students rather than 38.

Watch the segment here.