How to Land a New Job: Learn to Code

Earlier this week, TechCrunch featured a guest post by Michael Staton, who serves as an entrepreneur in residence at Learn Capital. Staton wrote about the importance of learning to code in today’s world. Staton is also the founder of Inigral, creator of SchoolApps.

Staton wrote about Dev Bootcamp, an intensive course that teaches students how to code and become entry-level software engineers. He noted the program’s high success rate at placing students in jobs–over 90% of graduates find tech jobs in three months or less after they complete the three-month program.

Staton raises the question about the value of education today. Should students be taking courses that make them job-ready instead of getting a broader education? Staton asserts that in order to find a job quickly and reach a level of a term dubbed “extreme employability,” courses should focus on:

  • Aligning the curriculum and incentives with job outcomes
  • Simulating real workplaces
  • Actively placing graduates in jobs that befit their training

Staton explains educational courses should not just provide access to learning materials, but should

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more aggressively help people find and secure jobs.

Staton also stresses the

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importance of learning to work in a team. Dev Bootcamp students don’t just learn to code; they also learn to take feedback and be team players.

Should more schools focus on training students to be job-ready?

  • Charles @

    Education’s not just about training us for the workforce though. Not all people even enter the workforce.

  • Robbyn Umland

    @Mollyg927 – this is exactly why we launched Coding for GOOD. GOOD needs a new developer, but instead of going the same route in a limited pool, they’re looking for the most qualified person and teaching them how to code. Launched as a platform anyone can use for free to learn to code, one of those who try will actually get to start their tech career. What do you think?

  • Jasonpw

    If we focus on teaching students what they need to get a job, we ignore the fact that new types of jobs continually arise out of development of new ideas. Students today may be employed in jobs we’ve never heard of and thus cannot train them to fill.