Encouraging Digital Storytelling with Meograph

Meograph is a digital storytelling tool that we just very recently heard teachers are using in their classroom to create more interactive lesson materials. Students are also using Meograph to create their own interactive videos that combine video, audio, picture, texts, maps, timelines and more for school projects.

For example, we have heard that one 7th-grade social studies class used Meograph to create stories about ancient civilizations. You can check out student presentations about the Incas, Aztecs, and more here.

Sarah Carlson, who teaches ninth grade U.S. History at Peet Junior High in Cedar Falls, Iowa, has used Meograph and felt that it was a good tool for students who work better with multimedia than traditional pen and paper. She said, “Students came in and used the the meograph as a verb. They would ask are we meographing today? The narration feature they thought was cool and is a great way to differentiate for students who are not the best at writing.”

Are you a teacher, parent or student? What other tools have you found useful? We want to know what you’re really using in the classroom. Shoot us a line at editors [at] technapex [dot] com.


  • Mary Rose Loria

    Thank you for citing my students’ work. – Marose Loria, Chinese International School Manila Follow me @mvloria, @cismtech