Interview: Chocolapps on Educational Mobile Apps

We recently wrote about Chocolapps, a European edutainment company, that creates interactive e-books and apps for young children. We caught up with the Chocolapps team to learn more about their strategy and how their apps can help kids learn. Check out the interview below with Chocolapps CEO, Michael Guez.

What is your most popular app?

Our most popular app is “The Three Little Pigs” on iPad because it was our first app that we released, and it was on the Apple App Store at the same time that the iPad launched. It was one of the first apps developed specifically for kids on the iPad. The concept was really innovative, and through this app, we were able to show iPad users that their device could be very useful for their kids’ education.

Now we have 17 ebooks (Goldilock, Peter Pan, Zorro, and more) based on this concept. We try to improve the user experience each time, and we update the full collection regularly to keep the features homogeneous. Now, our first Discovery app: Tell Me Tom: About “The Human Body is also very popular.

How do you gauge an app’s effectiveness in teaching kids? How do you gauge students’ progress or learning when using the apps?

When kids use the iPad, they have a lot of apps available, as they use each of them very quickly and they “zap” from one to another and then another. Through our interactive ebooks, we are able to propose a deeper experience because our stories are based on a seven- to ten-minute period of use.

Kids are listening to and watching the storytelling, which uses a comprehensive and adapted vocabulary. Our apps are really thorough for their use.

When they use our apps, they increase their vocabulary knowledge and the more challenging words can be defined to them simply by pressing on them in the “explain to me” or “show me” modes. Just like how children watch movies over and over again, kids like to revisit our apps because they are going to understand and get something new from the story with each use.

We do not make these apps as a replacement for school curriculum, but we view them as complementary tools to help kids to be able to read independently and increase their reading comprehension.

iPads and mobile devices are now increasingly incorporated into the classroom. How do you foresee mobile devices & educational apps transforming education, in both the short term and long term?

Using a tablet at school seems to be very efficient to keep kids attention. They are more motivated to listen and learn with that kind of device than a traditional method. It is innovative and interactive, and kids like new things and are very curious. With tablets teachers can get kids to focus on apps which is a good way to learn while having fun!

Choclapps apps are already used in some classrooms, and we’ve been able to benefit by getting feedback from teachers who use them. They help us to improve our apps and add more features they feel would be beneficial to a child’s intellectual development. Our

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apps are also used by language and speech pathologists to help children with their pronunciations.

To learn more about Chocolapps, check out last week’s post here.