Guest Post: Helpful Sites for High-Schoolers Who Just Don’t Get Math

Photo credit: cherrina / Creative Commons

Math, love it or hate it, it’s here to stay, and students everywhere need to realize and accept that. It’s there when you’re figuring out the tip at dinner; when you’re balancing your checkbook; and even when you’re doing something as simple as making sure everyone gets an even helping of those cookies you baked.

However, despite it’s prevalence many still struggle with the subject and need a little extra help making sense of all the numbers. Luckily, thanks to the technology of today, help is just a click away. Several sites have popped up with 24/7 access to tutors, practice problems and tips on how to master the subject.

This has proved greatly beneficial for high school students everywehere, who would otherwise be up until all hours of the night trying to sort it out on their own. Below are just some of the informative sites available to help them with their math studies.

Free Math Tutor

Free is something everyone likes to see in a title. Back it up with the fact that it’s free MATHEMATIC advice, and you’ve got a slew of happy parents on your hands. Too often parents have to fork over an arm and a leg for their child to get the added help they need, however with those days are gone. Covering everything from 9th grade geometry, all the way up to more advanced subjects like statistics and conics, this site has something for almost any student looking for some extra help.

Math Planet

A newer site started in just 2011, Math Planet is a FREE, non-profit entity that only seeks to spread knowledge and awareness. If you or your student need help with tough topics like Algebra, Geometry or more this is the place for you. They even offer SAT and ACT prep materials so you

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can be ready for those tough standardized tests.


People learn different subjects different ways. For some, they prefer to see things visually. Others need to do something hands-on. Whatever your preference, studies have shown that repetition is KEY when it comes to mathematics. That’s what makes Mathnasium such a vital site. It has interactive quizzes online for students to use and check themselves, which can make all the difference in the world—especially come test time. Although the format might be completely different than that of their teacher’s, they will still be working those math muscles just the same.

Math Forum

Problems, puzzles, discussion boards and more—it seems that Math Forum has everything to meet your math tutorial needs. Personalized workshops and interactive math tools also enhance the overall learning experience gained through this website.

SOS Math

Help forums and cyber exams are just some of the helpful features students will find on SOS Math. With over 2,500 pages filled with math knowledge, you’re sure to learn something along the way. seems to have thought of everything a math student would need to succeed academically. There’s formula tables, study tips and cross references to ensure each student gets the most thorough information they can.

Video Math Tutor

Calculator tips, brain teasers and informative videos can all be found on this site. Designed to help students from 7th grade through college, the site covers a myriad of topics and is a great resource not only for pupils but also teachers.

Math Tutor

Fractions, vectors, integrals, no topic is too simple or complex for the team at Math Tutor. Run by a group of educators and mathematicians, this site aims to educate and inspire those who use it.

Home School Math

A sort of all-in-one hub for all things math related, this site is a great resource for anyone struggling with the subject. Visitors can find tutors, online forums and helpful resources at the click of a mouse.

Find a Good Tutor

An interactive portal for eager math tutors, students are sure to find one that works for them on the Find a Good Tutor site. Covering various subjects and skill levels, the site really has something for everyone. Give it a go today!

So, if you’re struggling in the area of arithmetic and want to improve your academic standing, take some time to check these out on the web. There are numerous resources out there, you just have to utilize them.

Today’s guest post is from Caroline Ross, a former educator who writes for She is an avid reader and advocate for global education and equality. Please submit any comments or feedback below.