Twenty Colleges Agree to Recruit KIPP Students


This year 20 top universities, including Georgetown, Brown, Duke, Syracuse, and Pennsylvania pledged to recruit more alumni from the charter network Knowledge Is Power Program, or KIPP, which focuses on providing education for underprivileged students in both rural and urban Continue reading

Are Most Edtech Startups Doomed to Fail? What Success Means in Edtech

Photo courtesy of BU Today

This week, Wikispaces cofounders James Byers and Adam Frey wrote an extremely informative article titled “How to Succeed in Education Technology,” which appeared on EdSurge this week. The article is a wake-up call to any aspiring entrepreneurs who think they Continue reading

2U (2tor) Joins EdTech Panel; Early Bird Admission Ends Monday

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Our upcoming Technapex event is less than two weeks away and we’re excited to share that 2U, formerly known as 2tor will be joining our panel of experts to discuss the future of open and social education. 2U is a Continue reading

Wikipedia Is All Right, After All


Once a year in elementary school, I remember having a reference unit where we learned how to look up information. The difference between an almanac and an encyclopedia was very interesting and relevant back then. It became decidedly less interesting Continue reading

5 Technologies To Take The Cheating Out Of Online Education


As online classes move into the realm of acceptable educational tender, a cheating prevention system has become all the more necessary. Coursera, one of the largest online education providers, has announced its decision to evaluate several of its courses to Continue reading

First-Ever Twitter Fiction Festival: Future of Digital Storytelling?


Writing, especially writing fiction, is hard. Past teachers and professors told me that, and I used to tell that to my students. And I’m only talking about the old-fashioned kind: staring off into space for hours as you curse your Continue reading

Guest Post: Six Awesome NYC Mobile Learning Tech Startups

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Today’s guest blogger, Jillian Terry, is a former teacher who writes about education-related topics. She is especially interested in how technology is shaping the future of education. You can read more from Jillian at The recent rise in mobile Continue reading

Arguments For and Against Online Education

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Cato Unbound, recently featured a discussion on the topic of online education. If you’ve been following edtech news over the past few weeks, you know that MOOCs have been a hot topic. Cato Unbound hosts monthly discussions between four libertarian Continue reading

Professor Keith Devlin on Teaching His First MOOC


Professor Keith Devlin is a Stanford University mathematics professor who recently finished teaching his very first MOOC, or massively open online course. For those who have been living under a rock, a MOOC is course that anyone with an internet Continue reading

Guest Post: 5 Great Educational Apps for Kids


Today’s guest blogger, Liam Ohm, writes about technology for kids. He highly recommends using Alpha Wire as a way to protect your electrical equipment and help keep your children safe. There are many great educational apps now available for kids, Continue reading