Young Teachers Dominating the Education Workforce [Infographic]

I will never forget the moment I realized that one of my middle school English teachers had a brother attending the very school for which she taught. It may be an unforgettable moment, but it’s not the reason why I remember the teacher. The reason I remember her is because I was an adolescent boy—and like many of my fellow male 7th graders—I found her insanely attractive. She was in cialis side effects her mid twenties and we were children of merely 13 and well … you get it.

We found it fascinating that such a refreshingly young person was teaching us grammar and reading, instead of some old person who smelled funny and had a penchant for discipline and impatience. We ate lunch with her brother, who was mercilessly teased because his sister was such a stunner. You think teenage boys with attractive mothers have a hard time at school? Try teenage boys with attractive sisters who TEACH at school.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that new teachers are actually quite commonplace. According to an infographic I discovered, over 200,000 new teachers begin their jobs every year. 25 years ago, there were only 65,000 new teachers starting their jobs every semester. Much of the new hiring is in response to recent developments in special education, elementary enrichment, and—you guessed it—STEM education.

As the country places a greater emphasis on STEM education (remember, don’t forget the arts) schools have targeted the young guns who are fresh out of their credentialing programs to help lead the charge.

From an education technology standpoint, I can see how the presence of young teachers in their twenties and thirties can be helpful. Younger people have a stronger grasp on modern technology than older teaching veterans. Recall the job responsibilities of the young New Jersey teacher James Puliatte cialis dosage whom we interviewed several months ago. He

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serves as his school’s “tech staff developer” and goes around campus instructing the veterans how to use the latest gadgets and programs. Oh, and he also teaches and his students love him dearly.

Do levitra half life you recall having younger teachers during your grade school years? What are your thoughts about the young guns dominating the teacher workforce today? Click the infographic below for the full resolution, and let us know your opinion about this data in the comments below.