Will the New iPad Mini Attract Educators?

In just a few moments at today’s Apple event, the company will likely announce a smaller version of the iPad, colloquially known as the iPad mini even though we don’t

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yet know the official name. Tech bloggers have been going nuts about this thing, and analysts expect a device with a screen measuring 7.85 across the diagonal, half the size of the regular iPad. Dimensions-wise, it’s closer in size to the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7.


Ars Technica reported that the new device is likely aimed at the educational sector, in addition to a purely consumer base. Associate Writer Chris Foresman commented on education’s attraction to the iPad over the years, especially in response to price drops. The iPad mini, which is widely rumored to sell for under $300 could be a significant selling point for schools considering tablet programs for their classroom.

The Apple event beginning in just a few moments will probably feature additional announcements that may attract educators and administrators seeking tech solutions. As Foresman writes:

“In addition to its low cost, smaller size, and compatibility with educational and creative apps, Apple may also unveil an updated, 3.0 version of its iBooks e-reader app. The existence of the update has already been leaked via iTunes Store descriptions for updated e-book titles which require the new version. The app will have improved support for ePub 3 standards, according to The Digital Reader.”

And there’s also expected to see a slight revision to the iPad 3:

“…which is believed to include Apple’s new Lightning connector and possibly updated LTE hardware—the same Qualcomm MDM9615 chip used in the iPhone 5—that is compatible with more 4G networks around

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the world. With the iPad mini effectively taking its place as the budget tablet geared towards education, Apple could also discontinue the $399 iPad 2.”

What do you think? Would you jump at the chance to buy a smaller iPad? Do you think these new devices could feature well in today’s classrooms?

A shout-out to anyone who buys this new device: Email me at bhannify@technapex.com and tell me your thoughts!

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    Unfortunately the price point of the iPad Mini is too high compared to the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD – plus the iPad Mini has worse screen resolution.