VIDEO: Seth Godin TedX Talk on Education

This morning’s newsletter from principal of Union Square Ventures, Fred Wilson, featured Seth Godin’s TedXYouth talk on education.

Seth explains how education evolved and asserts that it needs to evolve to allow students to be more innovative. The video is just under 17 minutes and

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worth taking a look.

The talk is based on his book called “Stop Stealing Dreams,” where he explains that school was meant to create obedient, compliant factory workers in the early 1900s.

He asserts that education should change in the following ways:

  • We can now have homework during the day with a human teacher and online lectures at night.
  • He also calls for open book and open note tests all the time as there is no longer value in memorization.
  • Seth believes in access to any course, any time in the world, any time you want to take it.
  • He calls for precise, focused education rather than a mass-produced education.
  • No more multiple choice tests!
  • We should offer cooperative tasks rather than isolation.
  • Teachers should become coaches.
  • Lifelong learning should be encouraged.
  • The famous college should “die.”

Check it out here: