Tweetables: This Week’s Top News That’s Fit to Share

Haven’t been keeping up with your edtech news lately? Fear not! Technapex presents “Tweetables,” our roundup of the week’s top shareable #edtech articles. Be sure to follow us on Twitter too! @Technapex

The debate is now Chromebook vs Surface, not iPad, for K-12 education
Derrick Wlodarz is placing a lot of faith buy generic cialis online australia in Microsoft’s new Surface RT platform and feels like the new tablet arriving soon could very well outshine iPads for educational purposes. Check out his extensive look at the arrival of Surface and what it means for K-12 technology opportunities.

5 Ways That edX Could Change Education
We’ve posted a few articles over the last few days about developments in the online higher learning movement. edX seems poised to make a serious impact and we’d like to know where it goes. Read the Chronicles five ways that edX could change the world of education.

D.C. students test ‘Teach to One’

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“It might seem to be a less-than-realistic plan: Put nearly 200 preteens in one large classroom space and expect each of tadalafil online them, with the help of laptops and a few teachers, to cialis united healthcare learn math at his or her own pace.” So begins Emma Brown’s reporting on generic viagra online canadian pharmacy a new “Teach to One” experiment happening in our nation’s capital.

10 Important Questions To Ask Before Using iPads in Class
We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: It’s not just about giving kids technology and telling ‘em to go learn. Terry Heick over at MindShift offers ten important questions to ask before adopting an iPad program. What are the goals? How will they be used? How should make viagra at home curriculum be altered?

  • #MindShift Top 10 questions to ask before using iPads in class. #ipadsforlearning

TED Talk: Beau Lotto + Amy O’Toole: Science is for everyone, kids included
Science is fun, and I wish I had more fun with it when I was in grade school. When I was a kid, science meant Bunsen burners and sliding blocks down ramps. Beau Lotto and Amy O’Toole give a presentation about how science is so much more than that.

4 Twitter Superheroes Every Teacher Should Know About
We Tweet a lot. This article is called Tweetables, after all. For teachers, tweeting can mean access to a wealth of instructional material, insightful blog articles, amusing anecdotes and way more. Check out these four twitter superstars that every teacher should know about. Oh, and follow us on Twitter. @Technapex