Tomorrow is World Teachers’ Day 2012

What teachers made a difference in your life? A teacher you met in grade school, or perhaps in your later years in college or beyond? Who has influenced your life and showed you the benefits of a strong education? Tomorrow is a day to reflect on these questions and consider the impact that teachers have on the world.

World Teachers’ Day was created in 1994 by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization. It takes place every October 5, and this year is especially important. With a struggling economy challenging the state of education in our nation, and two sparring politicians standing at podiums declaring their visions for the future of student learning, there are plenty of reasons to be grateful for the excellent work our teachers are doing today.

UNESCO’s Director General Irina Bokova said, “On this day, we call for teachers to receive supportive environments, adequate quality training as well as safeguards for teachers’ rights and responsibilities … We expect a lot from teachers—they, in turn, are right to expect as much from us. This World Teachers’ Day is an opportunity for all to take a stand.”

On Google’s blog, the company announced it would be honoring standout teachers on its Google+ page. The move is geared toward teachers embracing 21st century tech, specifically Google products like Apps for Education, Docs, and Forms, so it all feels rather promotional. But I’ve yet to learn of an instance where Google products were shunned by educators. Collaborative learning and connectivity are useful things in today’s classrooms, and Google’s products are designed with that in mind.

Another area where teachers can experience World Teachers’ Day is, where you can upload photos to the flickr photostream and download the 2012 poster—see below—in the language of your choice. If you’re hitting the Twittersphere tomorrow, be sure to tag your remarks with #wtd2012 to have them show up on the main website.

Click to download the English poster.