The Tech Trends Behind Undergraduate Academic Success (Infographic)

The EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research is known for its analysis of information technology in higher education, and the data it has gathered

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this year has revealed more information about the growth of technology in academia. How is technology powering academic success in undergraduate students?

EdTech Magazine identified their three most important findings from the data. First, hybrid learning environment, what some might call the flipped classroom, is a

model that actually works. The study found that 70 percent of students learn best in a blended environment, where face-to-face learning is married with online supplemental material.

Second, EdTech Magazine argued that we must fully embrace the usage of personal mobile devices. 86 percent of students own laptops, 62 percent own smartphones, and tablets and e-readers are bringing up the rear. Students are using these devices for learning in huge numbers, and educators should keep this in mind when planning classes.

Lastly, it’s the simple truth that students are going to be using technology in their careers, possibly using devices that have not yet been invented. In short, there’s no time too early to start using technology in the class that prepares them for the future. I know I bring up Dr. Sugata Mitra often, but I’d like to once again mention the famous question he asked about a modern 5-year-old: “Can any teacher say that they are preparing that child for 2031, for an unknown world?”

Check out EDUCAUSE’s infographic based on their findings from their study below. I noticed one point of data that was curious, considering how much our blog writes about the imminent demise of paper books: Printers were second only to laptops when students were asked to identify the device most important to academic success. I guess it’s not all that surprising. At my college, those printers at the computer center were running almost 24-7.

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