Samsung and Khan Academy Launch New Pilot Program

Samsung has announced a partnership with Khan Academy to begin a pilot program to provide classrooms with new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets. In a press release, the company wrote that the two organizations are “committed to bringing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere, with the intent of fostering deeper educational engagement through use of new classroom technologies for teachers and students.”

The pilot program will begin with Mountain View Whisman School District. Nine teachers representing three elementary schools in the district will use the Galaxy Notes in the classroom, tablet devices which run 1.4GHz processors and Google’s Android operating system. Unlike other tablet devices these days, the Notes feature stylus pens for more precise interaction.

The Notes will be preloaded with a new Khan Academy app developed by Samsung Media Solutions Center America.

“Khan Academy is excited to partner with Samsung and MVWSD to enable students in elementary and middle schools to have access to technology that can bring self-paced, personalized and mastery-based learning into the classroom. We are also excited that Samsung is helping increase access to technology, demonstrating a great way for corporations to get involved in public education,” said Sundar Subbarayan, Khan Academy School Implementation Lead.

“Samsung MSCA is committed to defining the best combination of software, services and hardware solutions for stronger, more personalized educational experiences.  The Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet provides a more natural way for students to not only access content, but also to take notes and capture their ideas using the innovative S-Pen.  We are excited to participate and also learn from the teachers and students on how their experience and engagement is augmented,” said, Curtis Sasaki, Senior Vice President of Samsung MSCA.

Full disclosure: I am writing this post on a Samsung laptop while receiving email alerts about various things on my Samsung Galaxy S3. Later tonight I might just play a game on my Samsung monitor or watch a movie on my Samsung television.