New York EdTech Startup, CourseHorse, Secures $500k

Today PandoDaily reported that CourseHorse raised $500k in a seed round from New York Angles, NYC Seed, Golden Seeds, and other angel investors.

CourseHorse offers over 20,000 classes for students young and old, including improv, yoga, cooking, art, language, writing, programming, web design, and more. Pricing ranges widely but there are also free classes available. Similar to Skillshare, CourseHorse makes it possible for anyone to be a student as you can easily find local classes on a variety of subjects. However, unlike Skillshare, CourseHorse puts less emphasis on empowering anyone to be a teacher. Lots of CourseHorse classes are offered at local colleges or established institutions, like the New York Institute of Technology and CUNY schools, while Skillshare lets local experts create and teach original courses so students learn from their neighbors.

There is another difference from Skillshare. According to Pando, CourseHorse will expand next to Los Angeles. Skillshare, on the other hand, chose to focus first on New York and San Francisco.

We’re all for making educational courses more readily searchable and accessible so we’ll keep an eye out to see how both CourseHorse and Skillshare continue to grow.

  • Liz Jacob

    Sounds like a great concept, I look following to seeing what they do. It’s too difficult to find existing classes today, let alone the new kind that Skillshare is pushing.