New Massive Open Online Courses to Explore

Harvard University launched two new courses yesterday to kick

off its

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official participation in the joint online education venture edX. It marks the beginning of Harvard’s, Berkeley’s and MIT’s entrance into the innovative world of the Massive Open Online Course, which any veteran Technapex reader knows is referred to as a MOOC. has offered up a list of

60 free courses granting certificates from MOOC-participating universities. These certificates include Statements of Accomplishment, Certificates of Mastery and Certificates of Completion. Those phrases might sound somewhat ceremonial, but keep in mind the institution which is granting them. Having such a certificate from an elite school is something to be proud of. Also, consider the motivations people have when taking a MOOC. The primary objective is to learn something, not necessarily pursue actual course credit. (Though that may be coming soon, if the revolution in online education is as robust as we hope it will be.)

Choose from MIT’s Introduction to Solid State Chemistry or Duke University’s Introduction to Genetics and Evolution. Explore unique concepts like Creation of Artifacts in Society with University of Pennsylvania or Design a New Learning Environment with Stanford.

The full list is available here and there is plenty to learn. And you know, 2012 is almost over, so isn’t it about time you start making your new year’s resolutions? Why not choose to learn something using this revolutionary new education concept?