New Kid-Friendly Android Tablets from Lexibook

I just bought a new smartphone. It’s beautiful, powerful and expensive. Now I’m dedicating more time researching what case to purchase for it than I ever did researching the phone itself. You have to protect your gadgets, folks. Especially if kids get their hands on them. The French company Lexibook is releasing two new kid-friendly Android tablets, the Junior Tablet and the Tablet Master. Both devices come wrapped in a “kid-tough rubberized double injection molded casing” that promises to withstand impacts and well … kids.

This thing looks like it could withstand a nuclear explosion.

In a press release, the company touted the educational and entertainment value of the two new devices, which combine multimedia and interactive activities with learning content. Read more about the products’ features.

“We are thrilled to present this innovative line of tablets that will empower kids to enrich the ways they learn and play. Our rich content and innovative features provide immediately customizable user experiences.  The built-in gaming and apps download center creates endless possibilities for kids,” said Lexibook’s CEO Aymeric Le Cottier.

The company also announced the launch of a new U.S. website where Americans can go to purchase products for their kids. The shop isn’t open yet, but you can browse the company’s products, including their first two offerings, the First Tablet and the Laptop Master.

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