Just a Reminder: Technology Works in the Classroom

Through a survey conducted earlier this year of over 1,000 high school students, faculty and district IT professionals, the education technology scene learned of exactly how much technology is currently integrated and how strongly educators wish for more. To download the full report, fill in your info at this link and receive your PDF.

A few key findings:

46 percent of high school teachers say they regularly assign homework that requires use of technology.

65 percent of high school IT professionals say their district plans to increase investment in classroom technology in the next 2 years, up from 51 percent in 2010. This is especially important, considering that 30 percent of high school students say their school seeks their input on the matter.

75 percent of high school faculty say they regularly use technology to teach, but only 45 percent say that it meets their expectations.

A low number that stood out to me:  14 percent of high school students use technology to communicate with their teachers. This is in stark contrast to 68 percent of faculty who say they use tech to communicate with each other. Sounds like we need more opportunities for students to get in touch with their teachers, especially since 59 percent say they use technology to get in touch with other students.

The report includes more findings about the current state of education and its trends. Earlier when this report surfaced, I wrote some thoughts about what this data represents and what teachers stand for in the classroom. The data indicates a greater attention paid to the purpose of education, which is to prepare a student for an uncertain future. The future may be unclear, but technology’s place in it is a virtual certainty.