Inside Startups’ EdTech Meetup Recap

Last night, Inside Startups hosted a meetup at the Noodle

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Education offices in New York City. Several education tech startups were invited to share what they were up to followed by a social mixer. I got to hear from several entrepreneurs from Noodle, 2tor, Skillshare and Essay Safe about what they’ve been up to.

Noodle Education CEO, Joe Morgan

Noodle Education went first. Their CEO, Joe Morgan, explained that Noodle is all about helping students, prospective students and parents find the right educational opportunity. Founded by the founders of Princeton Review, Joe feels that search internet pharmacy canada for schools and programs should be more in-depth and dynamic. It’s a massive undertaking as they sort through all the data for P-20 schools so anyone can compare the information that’s most important to them. Although I was a transfer student myself in college, I was shocked to hear that 35% of college students are transfer students. While there are many reasons students switch schools, Joe mentioned that there is still a large chunk of students who are unhappy where they are. Noodle hopes to help students find a better fit the first cialis generic time around.

2tor also spoke at the event. They are delivering online degree programs on behalf of top universities, including USC, Georgetown, UNC Chapel Hill and Washington University in St. Louis. Side note to edtech entrepreneurs and engineers–both Noodle and 2tor are hiring!

EssaySafe co-founder, Alex Rattray

When EssaySafe took the stage, I was surprised to hear that their tool doesn’t exist already. Basically, they aim to let students take exams on their laptops, eliminating the need for handwritten tests and blue books. This is 2012–it’s about time! I wish I had had EssaySafe back in school.

Skillshare, a company we’ve profiled before, also took the stage. Making education more accesible in communities, starting in NY and SF, Skillshare lets anyone be a teacher cialis effetti indesiderati or a student. It’s a marketplace to take and online pharmacy dextroamphetamine teach classes. Their approach is to build really strong communities in two cities first before expanding. While some in the audience expressed concern about regulating quality of teachers and students that can enroll in these courses, they explained that their rating and review system helps boost quality courses to the forefront. The Skillshare philosophy emphasizes that the future of learning will 1) help students viagra delivery learn something they online pharmacy romania can use tomorrow 2) foster collaboration and 3) enable students to learn by doing.

Overall it was a great turnout of people experienced in education or technology, or just interested in learning more, and we’ll keep an eye out for future edtech events on both coasts so we can keep you in the loop.