Infographic: MOOCs Make College Degrees Free

Allison Morris from recently published an infographic that looks at the skyrocketing cots of higher ed and how massive open online courses (MOOCs) may make college degrees free in the future.

We’ve written recently about the debate surrounding the value of a college degree. Some believe that only an Ivy League degree is worth the cost. While others, such as Seth Godin, have said that famous colleges should “die.”

The infographic below from notes that with MOOCs, professors can reach students anywhere and fees can be reduced. reminded us that MOOcs have “even spread to the nation’s most exclusive universities–MIT, Columbia and Brown now offer free coursework online.” With college tuition increasing 1,120% since 1978 and continuing to climb, it’s about time we considered alternatives that can reduce the price tag of a quality education.

Tomorrow's College Infographic