Getting Smart Focuses on Key EdTech Incubators

The folks over at Getting Smart are showing some love to ten education technology incubator programs making an impact in the world of startups and entrepreneurship.

Among other incubators pushing edtech superstars out the door, Getting Smart highlights Imagine K12 which had recent success with companies like ClassDojo, GoalBook and Claco. The Silicon Valley incubator is especially active today, offering startups a three-month stay in their office and access to a number of venture investment opportunities.

4.0 Schools is an incubator based out of Lousiana and isn’t focused exclusively on edtech like most other programs. 4.0 Schools provides resources and training to help launch Southeastern education-related businesses and has pushed two new edtech companies out the door, Kinobi and Classroom Blueprint.

Let’s also not forget that edtech entrepreneurship isn’t exclusive to within American borders. The Center for Education Technology Incubator is based out of Israel. According to Getting Smart: “The CET’s incubation labs consist of three areas: the Garage, where entrepreneurs can look for solutions to challenges in education; the Aquarium, a space devoted to research on education and technology; and the lab, which helps to identify the needs of Israel’s education system and will pilot programs developed through the incubator.”

My favorite on the list is certainly NASA’s Learning Technologies. The program provides funding and tech tools to those who are focusing on STEM learning, but with a specific emphasis placed on the cosmic awe-inspiring stuff that accomplishes fantastic feats like putting a robot the size of a Mini Cooper on the surface of

another planet. Learning Technologies also focuses heavily on game-based learning and professional development tools making progress in that area. STEM may be a priority for education in this country, but it certainly doesn’t have to be boring.

Be sure to head over to Getting Smart’s blog to check out the full details on the ten incubator programs featured there.