Games in the Classroom By the Numbers [Infographic]

In a new infographic from Online Courses, some data is revealed about the usage of video games in education. We’ve written about the concept on Technapex before, and soon I will post an article featuring some insights from some edtech startup companies focusing on games. This graphic is a useful look into the popularity (and unpopularity) of the practice.

A few key findings:

Less than 20 percent of teachers use games in class on a daily basis, and of those, 95 percent use games specifically created for educational use. 70 percent of teachers say that games increase student engagement, and 70 percent of kids agree.

One key concern is that students may forget what they’re learning when playing video games. This is a sentiment echoed by Todd Beard, a K-12 tech teacher who found his students weren’t retaining information as well. It is a legitimate concern, but it perhaps suggests that games ought not be used with the intention of delivering a test afterwards.

What are your thoughts on the data revealed in the infographic below? Click for full resolution.