By the Numbers: Students Want More Classroom Tech

Edudemic opens up one of its recent articles with an amusing anecdote. A teacher fond of technology in her classrooms was scorned by other teachers because students found all other classes boring in comparison!

I admit, I haven’t given much thought to this sort of phenomenon, but now that I look back at my own time in high school, I remember one classroom period filled with computers and technological opportunities. Transitioning from that to literature class was sort of a drag!

Technology doesn’t have a place in every classroom, and the overuse of it could cause students to become disengaged with curriculum that doesn’t embrace it at all. The lesson that needs to be learned here is to not rely too heavily on technology and always use it in conjunction with—and not a replacement for—traditional student-teacher interaction.

That being said, Edudemic did report on the Educause Center for Applied Research’s findings that students are desiring more technology in the classroom than ever before:

  • 68% of students reported that their teachers were effectively using technology, up from 47% in 2010.
  • 75% of students said that technology helped them achieve their academic goals, but only 66% felt prepared to use that needed technology when they entered college.
  • 70% of students report that they learn best in a blended learning environment.
  • 50+% of students responded that they are more actively engaged in classes that use technology, but they wish their instructors used more open educational resources, simulations, and games.
  • Between 2008 and 2012, there was a 107% increase in the number of students who took a class completely online.