Animation of Ken Robinson’s Changing Education Paradigms

In reading about Sir Ken Robinson, I first came across the word “educationalist.” A variant of “educationist,” the word means a specialist in educational theory or administration. The English author is known as an advisor on education in the arts to governments, nonprofits and administrations.

In the late ‘90s, Robinson led a commission in the UK on creativity, education and economy and produced a report All Our Futures: Creativity, Culture, and Education, which the British dailies praised for raising important issues facing 21st century business.

His TED talk on the downfall of creativity in schools is still one most-watched talks on the site and should be required viewing for educators in a time when the arts are sadly sliding out of reach.

The below animation was adapted from another of his talks titled Changing Education Paradigms. The animated quality lends a kind of watchability (if I could coin a phrase) that channels a little bit of Khan Academy and a little bit of Cartoon Network.

Robinson asks, “How do we educate our children to take their place in the economies of the 21st century?”

The current system of education was designed and conceived for a different age, he says. The model no longer fits, and needs to be changed. And it is changing. We see more institutions of higher learning moving to online models, startup companies championing open-source curriculum, educational platforms emphasizing vocational training and skill-based learning, and the very model of college is adapting to address today’s economy. This educationalist’s words drive home the point and provide clear thinking on this issue.