Illiterate Ethiopian Children Teach Themselves How to Use Tablets


Upon struggling to turn the virtual pages of a news app on a loved one’s iPad, I was told that a two-year-old could operate the [incredibly intuitive] tablet better than I could. Maybe I could hold my own against More Continue reading

Educational Halloween Costume Ideas (Yep, They’re as Nerdy as They Sound)


Happy Halloween, Technapexers! In honor of the holiday, we thought we’d help out those of you who need last-minute costume ideas for the night. We’re sharing some hilarious “costumes ideas for higher education wonks” that does viagra reduce sperm count Continue reading

Senator Mike Johnston Gives One Heck of a Speech on Education


Forbes calls it “the best speech about education — ever.” We’d have to agree that it’s pretty damn good. Colorado state senator Mike Johnston’s passion for education comes through in this short speech on his experience working for Teach for Continue reading

Want College Credit for a MOOC? No Problem, Says Antioch University


Antioch University is now the first U.S. institution to offer college credit for certain Coursera MOOCs. This is big news for the desired direction that online higher education wishes to take; the chance to offer actual accreditation from taking in Continue reading

Udacity to Add Crowd-Sourced Captions for International Users


Never underestimate the power of crowd behavior. Udacity is hoping to expand to an international audience by relying on its own users. The online education platform has partnered with Amara to add crowd-sourced captions to its video content. Need to Continue reading

The Open Textbook Challenge [Infographic]

The Open TextBook Challenge

With the cost of college textbooks as high as they are, students are struggling more than ever to make ends meet. The edtech world is finally starting to take notice: companies and edtech leaders are working to create resources for Continue reading

DHS Secretary Advocates Early Cybersecurity Education


The Department of Homeland Security is hoping to inspire a legion of American security professionals by proposing that cybersecurity education begin as early as kindergarten. This is not an effort to merely teach kids to exercise caution on the internet—don’t Continue reading

Schools in Hurricane Sandy’s Path Remain Closed Today


To those Eastern Seaboard students who neglected to finish your weekend homework, you’ve got one more day to get it done. Superintendents of districts in Hurricane Sandy’s path announced that schools will remain closed Tuesday. These closures affect the New Continue reading

Improving Grammar and Writing Skills with NoRedInk


Recently on Technapex, I’ve been harping on the importance of the humanities in our country’s curriculum and emphasizing the need for the arts in education, preferring the STEAM education acronym to STEM. And all you loyal Technapex followers know that Continue reading