Skillshare for Learning from Your Community Beyond the Classroom

Just because you graduate college, doesn’t mean your life as a learner should be over. Skillshare, the marketplace to take and teach classes, allows for collaborative learning beyond the usual academic class or traditional classroom. For example, Skillshare users can sign up to take a programming or cooking class.

We’ve written before about the rise in online classes and videos that make it easier to learn anytime, anywhere. The great thing about Skillshare, though, is that they also allow for local classes to meet in person, preserving that classroom community feel. Plus their hybrid classes offer a little bit of everything to create a true blended learning experience. Students can combine project-based, online learning and live in-person workshops with people nearby and around the world.

Skillshare was started by Michael Karnjanaprakorn and Malcolm Ong, who believed in the idea that they could “create a world where everyone can contribute in learning and teaching.” It sounds a little happy-go-lucky but we believe it is also a disruptive idea. It has the potential to revolutionize what it means to both be a teacher and a learner, and opens up opportunities for more people. Everyone is good at something so why not make it easier to share that knowledge with others?

Skillshare is tapping into the knowledge of everyday people. Just as social media has opened up communication to the masses turning anyone into a content creator rather than passive consumer, Skillshare is opening up teaching and learning to more people. Skillshare believes “everyone has knowledge to share” so you don’t have to have a credential or be a full-blown professor to sign up to teach a Skillshare class. This is a great model for sharing and acquiring real-world skills (think photography, scrap-booking, entrepreneurship, bartending, home improvement, and more). It offers a more hands-on model where students can gravitate toward subjects they are passionate about, jump in as hands-on learners and pick up valuable skills.

Skillshare will be speaking at a NY-based meetup on September 26th hosted by Inside Startups Club. Tickets are only $5 and you can RSVP here. We plan on stopping by and hope to see you there!