Unigo Names Top 10 Colleges for Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

More than 30,000 students voted in the 2013 College Rankings on Unigo.com, a free website where students can share photos, documents, videos and reviews of their schools.  Unigo’s popularity has made it a quick and reliable reference for high school students and parents considering their options in higher ed.

In the poll for the 2013 academic year, voters revealed their top 10 choices for students with talents for entrepreneurship, ambition and ideas that make you think, “Well, why didn’t I think of that?!” Huffington Post called the list “Top 10 Schools Where There’s a Lemonade Stand in Every Room.” Click on the image below for Unigo’s findings.

Semesters are starting up all around the country right now, and we’ll be keeping an eye on these 10 schools. After all, when you’ve got high school kids blowing away the competition with their ideas, imagine what kind of work will come out of these institutions of higher learning.

Top 10 Colleges for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Click on the image to view Unigo’s full list.