Tweetables: This Week’s Top News That’s Fit to Share

Haven’t been keeping up with your edtech news lately? Fear not! Technapex presents “Tweetables,” our roundup of the week’s top shareable #edtech articles. 

Chicago Teachers’ Strike Enters Third Day
It’s a complex issue. Don’t kid yourself and think that there’s only one side to this fight, like someone we know. Contract negotiations between striking teachers and public school administrators were scheduled to begin late this morning, but there’s no clear resolution ahead.

Studyhall Launches a Peer-To-Peer Learning & Collaboration Network For Students
Studyhall is a new peer-to-peer platform and network built specifically for students. (Sorry teachers, you don’t get to play with this new toy just yet.) Many have attempted to take on Blackboard, and it’s only a matter of time before an ambitious startup takes the throne for good.

Privacy, Equity, and Other BYOD Concerns
MindShift offers its insight into the Bring Your Own Device movement. Administrators and educators are figuring out how to deal with this new trend.

Charter School Network Offers Its Own Data System to All Schools
The California-based charter network Aspire Public Schools has created a new data system called Schoolzilla, and has offered it up for free to any school that wants to give it a shot.

  • Schoolzilla is the new data system from Aspire Public Schools. Give it a shot for free.

UCLA History Department Gets $10-million Donation
It may not be ed-tech news, and certainly not STEM related, but $10 million to a history department is nothing to scoff at. A gift from a British foundation is the department’s largest one ever. Way to go, Bruins.

  • UCLA History Department lands a massive $10 million gift. Bruins, all the way.

Back to School: Five Habits of Successful Students
StraighterLine’s blog offers it’s take on how to take care of business as a student starting up a new semester. Start work early, get organized, get to know others, and get to know your instructors!