Toys “R” Us Announces New Kid-Friendly Android Tablet

That hand doesn’t look very young to me.

The green rubber bumper surrounding the new kid-friendly Android tablet from Toys “R” Us makes the device look like it can withstand quite a beating. And you’d have to set it up that way, wouldn’t you? If you’re making a tablet computer that you hope to put in the backpacks of kids around the country, you’re going to have to make that sucker pretty durable.

The 7-inch device will go on sale on October 21 and will cost $149.99. It will come pre-loaded with 50 child-friendly apps with an additional 7,000 apps available for download. It’s Wi-Fi only, meaning you don’t need a cellular data plan, and the device features 4GB of built-in storage, a microSD card slot for expanded storage, 1GB of RAM and a USB port for side-loading content and charging it up.

As you might expect from a kid-friendly tablet, the device includes parental security tools. The Tabeo allows parents to receive email alerts about their child’s activity on the device. Parents can arrange different safety settings for up to eight users, restricting access to certain sites. Of course, some kids are a little stealthy when it comes to figuring out computers, so if for instance, your kid manages to install a different internet browser and start using that, you’ll get an email alert.

The Tabeo joins a number of other tablets designed with children in mind. Other rugged rubber-wrapped devices include the InnoTab, the Meep, the Nabi and the LeapPad. All of those devices run on the Android operating system, leaving us to wonder … what’s the best way to protect an iPad from sticky fingers, drops, scratches and other typical kid behavior? Check out this handy list of kid-friendly iPad covers.