The Only Video You’ll Need to Understand Gravity

Jon Bergmann, one of the original pioneers of the flipped classroom, has offered his talents in a new TED-Ed video that explores the concept of gravity. It’s amazing how obviously accessible this video is to students of any age group, and serves as an excellent example of the kind of content a student of a flipped classroom can view.

The video is lovingly produced with attractive animation produced by TED-Ed, and skillfully narrated by Bergmann, who seems gifted with the kind of soothing “pay attention to me” voice that many lecturers undoubtedly wish they possessed.

For visitors who read our article on the flipped classroom yesterday, this video is a perfect example of the kind of content a student could view at home on his or her own time. Now, granted, the production quality of this video is glossy and professional, but an educator doesn’t need to have access to a full animation or production studio to reach kids with engaging video content. Bergmann’s narration and his plain-speaking demonstration of concepts is the core of this video, and it’s obvious that it works even without the cute narration. If you’re an educator interested in flipping your classroom, look to a video like this for guidance.