Student Debt Growing at $3,000 Per Second

Today Businessweek explored the issue of rising student debt. Though a bit of a depressing read, it’s worth a look. Students are shelling out cash and taking out bigger loans to pay for higher education. Going to college has become part of the American Dream and often represents a ticket to a better life for many but the cost of more students attending college and rising tuition prices are quickly adding up. Businessweek cited Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of, saying that student debt is growing by almost $3,000 per second. With student debt over $1 trillion and growing rapidly still, it’s time to seriously question whether college is worth it. 

At Technapex, we’ve questioned the value of attending brick-and-mortar college before and have looked at companies emerging to help alleviate student debt, like Grantoo. But the question still remains how to evaluate whether college is truly worth the price.

We’re curious to hear what you think…did you attend college? Would you still go if you had to do it all over again? Would you choose an online learning option if it was cheaper but still offered a quality education? Sound off in the comments.