Stand Up! We Need Our EdTech Experts Healthy

Source: VentureBeat

Check out this overly dramatic infographic about how sitting is killing you.

You were sitting down when you read that, weren’t you. That’s ok, so was I. I’ve been sitting all day long.

Now that you’ve read that and officially convinced yourself that you’ll die in the next decade, we can get to why I bring this up. For all the entreprenuers, startups, programmers and authors out there that we cover on Technapex, we certainly wish no chiropractor appointments on any of these fine people. We need them healthy and fit so that they can continue to produce fine education technology companies and products in order to transform the way our students learn!

VentureBeat covered Dan McDonley’s brilliant idea, the Ninja Standing Desk which is currently being crowd-funded on Kickstarter. Designed for mobile, young professionals, it hangs on any door or wall where you can put your laptop, keyboard, and anything else that will fit. It’s a cheap way to completely flip your work day, and it did wonders for McDonley.

“I was assassinating my deadlines, slicing through my work day, while feeling healthier and nimble as a ninja,” he said.

Of course, standing all day long will take some getting used to. It’s a complete revamping of your entire work day, and your brain won’t exactly know how to approach work if you’re not in the seated position. But if you stick with it, you’ll train yourself to equate standing up with productivity and also see your energy level increase. Pretty soon you’ll start to really “assassinate deadlines” like Mr. McDonley said.