School Districts and Institutions Fly to the Cloud [Infographic]

As of May of last year, IT professionals in 27 percent of K-12 and 34 percent of higher education institutions are working with cloud computing. Education is moving steadily into the skies as students and administrators begin to embrace the benefits of this technology.

As the below infographic reveals, cloud-based solutions offer affordable, subscription-based pricing, the ability to demo new technologies in order to test out new solutions, and the ease of enjoying effortless access between multiple devices.

We’ve read about institutions moving to the cloud or adopting Google Docs to promote collaborative learning methods. Last week we viewed Edutopia’s video on collaborative learning and in August we listened to Jorge Vega’s take on his school’s adoption of Google tech. Students can use laptops and tablets to work on projects in real-time, and the shared process promotes a kind of unity in the classroom that teachers appreciate. K-12’s adoption of Google Docs is growing as well; the graphic reveals that K-12 institutions actually use the platform more than higher education does.

The graphic’s emphasis seems to be on the affordability of using cloud services, and is largely geared toward IT professionals. But the data here is useful to educators and companies interested in the edtech scene. Check out the data now, and click on the image for the full resolution.