Learn Out Live Requesting Teacher Interviews



The educational website Learn Out Live is asking educators to tell their stories about how technology is influencing their teaching methods.

I thought I’d share Learn Out Live’s conversation with Dave Nicholls, an English teacher who uses Skype to deliver online language lessons. He wrote in to talk about teaching to Russian students and how the usage of technology has influenced his working life.

Technology has changed my working life in a massive way. Just two years ago I was still in Moscow, commuting as much as four hours every day, and planning ALL my lessons with just pen and paper. Everything ended up in the bin. Now I don’t commute, and everything that I plan is saved, edited and then added to my website. It’s such an advantage to have all that you have ever planned, organized into a special place on your own website. And it’s certainly more convenient, for both myself AND the student, to have no journey to lessons. So technology has made the whole learning process easier for both parties.

The main challenge for teachers and students is keeping up with the new software and tools available for enhancing the learning process. There are so many new teaching platforms and programs that it is hard to try them all out and see which ones suit your methods. Also, there are so many free resources out there in cyberspace. The challenge is to use such a vast amount effectively. Again, I see this as an advantage. There is such a wide selection available you will be sure to find something which will interest the student.

Are you an educator whose work has been influenced by technology? Send your responses to Learn Out Live today … and be sure to let us know too! Email me at bhannify@technapex.com.