Improving Math Education with New Tech

This morning, U.S. News and World Report looked at how are teachers using new technology in the classroom to improve math education.

Donna Noll posts homework assignments and math exercises recorded with a smartpen to her classroom’s Facebook page.

One Florida high school math teacher, Donna Noll, posts her homework assignments on Facebook so students can easily access them on a platform they already use frequently. She also uses the smartpen from Livescribe (a TriplePoint client) to record sample calculus and algebra lessons. The smartpen records her handwritten notes in sync with audio so students can review difficult concepts in a richer, more interactive format. An example of one of Noll’s pencasts is available to view here. Noll explained:

 ”I can explain a problem very quickly, like I’m talking to the student, sitting next to them, and writing down the problem, and it records everything. Then I can post it right on the fan page.”

This is just one creative way Ms. Noll has introduced new technology into her classroom to help students learn math. The article also explained how she asks students to use the smartpen to record their homework exercises.  Students explain their thought process verbally while solving math problems with the smartpen on paper. The combination of both audio and visual helps better solidify concepts in students’ minds but is also useful for sharing with other students. Noll uses the students’ recorded examples to show other students how their fellow classmates solved problems in different ways.

To learn more about how Donna has used the smartpen and social media in her classroom, check out this blog post here.

  • Questioner

    Not sure how posting homework on Facebook improves mathematics education. How will students learn more due to this?