How Fast is Your School’s Broadband?

Startup companies accomplishing innovating feats in education, but most of them are subject to the current state of the American bandwidth infrastructure. They can only go as far as a school’s connectivity limits can allow. If a school suffers from low bandwidth, it can’t take full advantage of innovative technology, and then nobody wins.

The Coalition for School Broadband is dedicated to improving the connectivity of American schools, and estimates that the majority of breakthrough learning solutions championed by edtech companies require more broadband than 80 percent of the nation’s schools currently have.

The nonprofit organization Education Superhighway is gathering as much data as it can to learn more about the problem of poor connectivity in schools. Educators and administrators are encouraged to visit the website and participate in the School Speed Test. By the end of the fall, the Education Superhighways wants to receive data from 100,000 schools.

The organization’s action plan is to provide every school with at least 100 megabit per second speeds, which amounts to a decent fiber-optic service. Speeds like that would enable schools greater access to data and allow it to implement all sorts of services that edtech companies want to provide. But it needs to gather data first, so head over to the site and get the ball rolling on faster connectivity for our schools!