Digital Learning Platform Wowzers Launches on Mobile

Personalized and blended learning educators have a new mobile solution available for the fall semester. Digital learning company Wowzers announced Android and iOS versions of its classroom platform. Wowzers features a full classroom management system, a third through fifth-grade Common Core math curriculum and a supplemental sixth through eighth-grade math curriculum.

The platform is designed for schools interested in adopting personalized and blended learning options. (Something which the federal government is also paying attention to with their Race to the Top competition.)

The company issued a press release about their move to mobile platforms:

“Mobile Learning with Wowzers Recent studies have shown that students are more motivated when using mobile devices as learning tools, and that using a mobile device increases the quality of students’ work. The introduction of the Wowzers mobile platform offers anytime, anywhere access to Wowzers lessons, for a more consistent studying experience that keeps students engaged and learning both in and outside of the classroom.”

Wowzers delivers adaptive game-based content through the cloud and focuses on math curriculum. The new mobile version will include new features including a background service that “nudges” students in need of a hint, a “whiteboard remediation lesson” that goes deeper into concepts when nudges aren’t enough, and other adaptive-learning tricks that guide students along.

Wowzers is available to schools and district administrators at approximately $25 per students or $7,000 per school. The platform provides 33 weeks of hosted content and unlimited access for students and teachers.

Last May, Wowzers won the Software & Information Industry Association award for Best K-12 Solution and Best Classroom Management System.