Collaborative Learning in a Wired Classroom [Video]

Edutopia’s Tech2Learn video series continued last week with a production called Collaborative Digital Presentations with Online Tools. We’re sharing this on Technapex today because it’s always important to provide a human side to education technology news. While we consider industry developments in edtech to be interesting bits of news, nothing beats watching students engage with technology in the classroom.

The learning depicted in the video includes all the standards you’d expect from a wired, tech-heavy classroom. In Kate Summers’ biology class, it appears that every student has a Macbook. I saw a few Android tablets in a couple of shots, and the emphasis was on using Google Docs to engage in collaborative learning. I found it encouraging watching the students learn in much the same manner as in the hypothetical classroom of tomorrow in an Intel-sponsored high-gloss production we posted a few months ago.

(I noticed something curious in the video. The biology teacher pointed out that “due to budget cuts” the school won’t feature chemistry as a core subject. This made me wonder how the school was able to acquire so many beautiful computers and tablets. Perhaps the computers were some kind of grant?)

  • Jaininder Minhas

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