Codecademy Invites Students and Teachers to Programming Clubs


Codecademy's new feature invites students and teachers to participate.Venture capitalist Fred Wilson, principal of Union Square Ventures is pretty proud of one of his portfolio darlings. Codeacademy, the online interactive platform that offers free classes in popular programming language, recently launched a new initiative called After School Programming Clubs. Wilson blogged about it yesterday and invited students and teachers to check out the new feature.

Codecademy asks a simple question: Why should every child learn how to program? Their response is phrased so intelligently it suggests that the question should be asked in schools across the country:

Digital literacy is now a fundamental skill like reading and writing. By learning basic programming, kids can have a say in how software shapes their world. Plus, programming teaches important reasoning, logic, and communication skills.

Let’s also not forget to look at this from a hard data perspective:

If we are seeing those numbers now, imagine the kind of numbers we can expect to see when the K-12 students of today reach the workforce. Students will need to have the appropriate digital literacy skills to keep this titan moving forward.