Cable Company to Reward Grant Money to Local Schools

We absolutely love reading about businesses helping out their community’s schools. The fiber-optic cable company Optimum Lightpath plans to reward $100,000 in grants to New Jersey’s K-12 schools to expand their use of technology.

The service provider is a big player in the area’s metro-based schools and businesses and has awarded more than $250,000 to schools since launching the Optimum Lightpath New Jersey Education Technology Conference in 2010. The grant winners will be announced this November.

“We are so inspired by the education advancements that our local schools are actively pursuing and proud that we’re able to help put some of these tech-based programs on the fast track with important grant dollars,” said Optimum Lightpath’s Julia McGrath.

More than 350 K-12 schools have submitted applications detailing their plans to integrate technology into their curricula. Winners will be chosen through a variety of criteria including how they will use technology to improve instruction, promote the use of technology to improve the overall education experience, promote distance learning and create new school initiatives around new technologies.

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