Who is the Top Dog in Online Education?

More higher ed institutions are offering online education options. The Huffington Post recently noted that four of the country’s largest education schools operate primarily online.

While some are still skeptical that online degrees pack the same value, there is no denying that more students are turning to online education as an option today. Here’s a list of schools that awarded the most online education degrees in 2001, courtesy of USA Today:

  1.  University of Phoenix-Online Campus: 5,976
  2. Walden University: 4,878
  3. Grand Canyon University: 4,822
  4. National University: 4,669
  5. Nova Southeasten University: 2,347
  6. Arizona State University: 2,075
  7. Northern Arizona University: 1,944
  8. Western Governors University: 1,895
  9. Lamar University: 1,863
  10. Touro College: 1,773

Interestingly, almost half of these institutions are based in Arizona. Would you enroll in any of these institutions? Why or why not?