Watch a Top Preschool Teacher in Action

Motoko Rich from the The New York Times recently shared videos that depict teachers from Washington D.C. schools in action. These top teachers demonstrate how they work to teach students across multiple subjects and grade levels.

For starters, check out one pre-school teacher, Scott Harding, who works to teach young kids through play. At the start of the day he lets them know about all the new materials that will be available to them that day at Maury Elementary School. He has great energy and explains his plan and purpose clearly. At the intro of the video he explains that teachers have an obligation to “build children from their strengths.”

Even as we focus on new technology and how it can improve the teaching and learning processes, it is still helpful to remember all the other elements it takes to be an effective teacher. Scott exemplifies great qualities and shares early education teaching tips.

Watch him in action here: