Three Mobile Apps for College Students

This week on TechCrunch, Jordan Crook, shared five back-to-school mobile apps that college students should download. Here are a few of them below to help you manage your day-to-day workload and schedule…any other must-have apps you’d recommend? We want to hear about them!


Sparrow helps you unify your email accounts so it is easier to check and manage both your old email address that your high school and family email all know and love as well as your brand spanking new .edu college address.

Astrid Task

College life requires a whole new level of organization and Astrid Task will ehlp you stay organized, on time, and on top of it all.


Another app not mentioned in the TechCrunch article is Zabzo, which also helps you organize your to-do list. We wrote about it recently and you can read more here. CEO, Kristina Chang explained how it works. ”Students send us their syllabi at the beginning of the term, and we give them a clean, beautiful online calendar that comes fully loaded with all of their assignments for the semester.”


  • Brett Peters

    All good apps to have.  Also “Deal Finder” by TUN is great to have.  It is an app that helps college students save money near campus from the local merchants.  It is only available on droid now, but should be available on Iphone soon. 

  • brian