The Scoop

Haven’t been keeping up with your edtech news lately? Fear not! Technapex presents “The Scoop,” our new roundup of interesting #edtech articles that look good enough to Tweet.

Rover Curiosity lands safely: “Wheels down on Mars”
In true cinematic fashion, NASA’s Jet Propulsion laboratory flawlessly pulled off the multi-stage landing maneuver. Curiosity—described as a full-fledged geochemistry lab on wheels—will now begin its two-year hunt for the building blocks of life. If this news doesn’t excite today’s students, teachers and education technology investors, I don’t know what does.

Envisioning the Future of Education Technology
MindShift shared an infographic from learning experts TFE Research and technology strategist Michell Zappa. The infographic provides an encompassing view of technology concepts changing the face of education today, and concludes with a quote from the U.S. Department of Labor: “Sixty-five percent of today’s grad school kids will end up at jobs that haven’t been invented yet.”

To Increase Learning Time, Some Schools Add Days to Academic Year
Where do you stand on the debate about the length of the school year? Or perhaps the length of each individual day? Some education advocates say that increasing time in school is one of the best ways to narrow the achievement gap between rich and poor students. But what about extending learning time beyond the classroom? Can the growth of the flipped classroom contribute to closing the achievement gap?

An “Educational” Video Game Has Taken Over My House
Slate’s Lisa Guernsey cautions parents about the addictive nature of the hit world-building game Minecraft. But does the game have any educational value?

Elite colleges transform online higher education
The AP reports on MOOCs, or massive open online courses, and their potential to transform higher education at a time when shrinking budgets and rising costs are important concerns.

Coweta Tech Summit: Educators share technology uses
Cash-strapped Georgia educators hold the first Coweta Tech Summit to bring teachers, administrators and staff up to speed on new programs and devices for the upcoming school year. “The whole idea started from funds being cut and cut and cut,” said Dr. Donald White, Science Curriculum Specialist for the Coweta County School System. “We have to get creative.”