Professor Sugata Mitra: New Experiments in Self-Teaching

Technapex would like to draw your attention once more to Professor Sugata Mitra, who previously appeared in GOOD Magazine’s short documentary on the future of technology. A professor of educational technology at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, Mitra is perhaps best known for his “Hole in the Wall” experiment. In 1999, Mitra placed a computer into a wall in the middle of a slum in Delhi, India. He observed children using the computer completely independently, teaching others and basically proving that computer technology can be taught easily without any formal training.

In this TED Talk, Mitra shares what he learned from the Hole in the Wall experiment and what further research in self-teaching it inspired. He discusses the concept of a “self-organizing system,” one where an educational structure appears much on its own and is influenced by the students themselves.

Mitra trusts a child’s inherent curiosity and feels that technology can stimulate learning processes in neurological ways. Watch his TED Talk and learn from a prominent voice in the educational technology conversation.