On-Demand Tutoring Service, InstaEDU, Updates Site

InstaEDU, the online tutoring site that connects top tutors with students anytime anywhere, updated their site this week to make it easier for students to continue connecting with and learning from their favorite tutors.

The core idea behind InstaEDU is making education experts available around the clock. InstaEDU launched in public beta this past spring to connect students with smart tutors who could help with last-minute homework questions. Today’s students are digital natives, accustomed to accessing information at their fingertips quickly at all times, so getting stuck on a difficult calculus question can be especially frustrating. Waiting until Sunday’s tutoring session is not much help when the problem set is due tomorrow.

While you may think that convenience is a trade off for quality, think again. In addition to round-the-clock access, InstaEDU also offers face-to-face video chat, creating a more personalized online learning experience that is still highly convenient. They recruit and screen tutors from top schools to ensure a quality learning experience. Since May, InstaEDU has taken customer feedback into account and have found that students value convenience but also want to stick with tutors they like or schedule sessions in advance, similar to a more traditional tutor relationship.

“After having a great on-demand session with a tutor, a lot of students have asked us for the ability to meet with the same tutor again,” said InstaEDU cofounder, Alison Johnston. “This makes a lot of sense; as a student and teacher get to know each other better, lessons can become more and more effective.”

Additionally, they’ve announced the launch of InstaEDU SAT Prep for high schoolers, tapping into a lucrative market but offering more affordable pricing for students looking to boost their scores. With the SAT Prep option, students and parents can choose from a variety of packages that start as low as $350 for 6 hours of instruction plus a practice test and analysis.

InstaEDU has raised $1.1 million in seed funding and joined our Technapex panel in San Francisco this past spring to speak on innovation in education technology. We’re excited to see what they do next!