News Corp Announces Amplify for Public Schools

Mass media giant News Corp and digital service provider AT&T announced a new initiative for public schools called Amplify, a project that aims to provide students with tablet computers for the 2012-2013 school year.

For the upcoming year, schools which are part of the program will receive the Amplify Tablet, which closely resembles the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The tablets are designed to serve as each student’s destination for all their information-gathering needs and offer interactive textbooks, games, simulations and personalized libraries.

Teachers will also receive tablets, allowing them to push out content to their students’ devices with the Amplify education tool set.

The program will also focus on developing future products in addition to the Amplify tablet which are tailored specifically  to all thirteen K-12 grade levels.

“What we’re trying to do is really become a hub for serious thinking and trying to make sure that technology is a positive force,” said Joel Klein, NYC’s former schools chief, who left his job to run News Corp’s education division. “Because I’ve long said that just giving a kid a computer isn’t going to change the game.”

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