Mouser Electronics Supports Texas District STEM Learning


Mouser Electronics, a leading semiconductor and electronic component distributor has announced its support for the Ben Barber Career Tech Academy and Frontier High School in Mansfield, Texas by funding a STEM technology grant for the upcoming school year.

Named the “Sensory Overload” technology grant, the initiative targets aspiring engineers in Principles of Engineering, Physics, AP Environmental Science and math classes.  Mouser will provide “sensor kits” which include Vernier Software & Technology products like CO2 Gas Sensor, Soil Moisture Sensor, LabQuest and Logger Pro 3. These kits also include hardware like handheld data collection devices and force plates, useful tools for physics experiments. A force plate is designed to collect data on human-scale interactions like stepping and jumping but can also be used in creative ways like a bridge-building contest.

The sensor kits suggest an exciting opportunity for students in the two Mansfield, TX schools. Students interested in STEM careers can take their learning out of the classroom and interact with their world. Can you remember measuring soil moisture when you were in public school? Did you ever measure data with a robust program such as Logger Pro3 or running mobile experiments with LabQuest?

In a Mouser Electronics press release, Linda Bacsik, executive director of the Mansfield ISD Education Foundation—an educator grant and investment vehicle foundation—said:

“The Education Foundation is so grateful to Mouser Electronics for taking part in this project that will bring students to a higher level in their education. We encourage companies like Mouser to partner with the MISD Education Foundation to expose students to practical, hands-on programs that will help them make informed decisions about their career paths. Without Mouser’s generosity, students would not have the opportunity to participate in innovative educational programs.”

Engineering, physics, environmental science and other STEM-related learning seem to be attracting the attention of investors, entrepreneurs and companies like Mouser Electronics. With continued funding from these outside influences, how far will the STEM education needle move?