Khan Academy Goes Offline with Discovery Lab

Salman Khan stepped out from behind his YouTube channel to interact with students at the Khan Academy Discovery Lab summer camp this year. Middle school students signed up for the camp through and reported to class on June 25 and students will head home after the camp’s conclusion today.

The New York Times reported on one day at Khan’s camp in Palo Alto, CA where students learned the fundamentals of the stock market. Students bartered with paper money like hungry NYSE capitalists while Khan participated and gave instruction on the whiteboard in his signature YouTube handwriting.

Khan’s brief departure from the online space highlights a little-known fact about the man: He actually wants to bring at least some of his teaching offline.  Marrying virtual and real learning has always been his goal.

“Our goal is to push the envelope about how far virtual education can go, but obviously the experiences like you’re seeing here, right now can only be done physically,” said Khan, referring to the energy and enthusiasm students appeared to devote to the mock-stock market.

Khan documented everything in the Discovery Lab, and plans to put up his findings online for teachers to try out in their classrooms.

Khan’s blog post about the launch of the Discovery Lab.