Edutech News Source, EdSurge, Raises $400k

EdSurge, an education tech news source, today announced they’ve raised $400,000 in a seed round from the Washington Post Co. and NewSchools Venture Fund, as well as other angel investors.


EdSurge began as a weekly newsletter that included timely edutech updates and upcoming noteworthy events to keep edutech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and teachers up-to-date. In March, EdSurge launched their website to begin to gather and share feedback around education products and tools. You can browse products and search by subject, audience, product characteristics, standard alignment, and technology platform to find reports on various products. While this feature was limited at first,  with only a handful of product reviews available for K-8 grades, it has since grown to include over 100 products such as Educreations, InstaGrok, Inkling, InstaEDU, Kickboard, Knewton, Sokikom…and, yes, Khan Academy. We expect EdSurge to use funds to expand this service.

NewSchool Ventures CEO, Ted Mitchell, noted why independent reviews are important:

“EdSurge is delivering to educators an independent perspective on what works–and a place where they can share their experiences…That’s crucial for a healthy education technology ecosystem.”

EdSurge has secured grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation already. In addition to investments by NewSchools and Washington Post,  angel investors include Allen & Co. executives Nancy Peretsman and Gillian Munson, O’Reilly Media executive Dale Dougherty and entrepreneur Judy Estrin.

Congratulations, to the EdSurge team!

  • Elizabeth Corcoran

    Thanks Molly! Appreciate the coverage!