EdTech Survey: No Gains, No Losses

A new self-assessment survey of educational technology use conducted by Software and Industry Information Association reveals schools are holding steady when it comes to technology use, with no marked decreases or increases reported. However, they would like to do better. Respondents were asked:

  • How well is technology currently integrated in your educational institution?
  • What do you feel is the ideal level of integration for technology in your educational institution?
  • How important is integrating technology into your educational institution?

Postsecondary institutions are reporting higher numbers of tech integration than K-12 schools.

The results of this year’s survey show that schools have remained level with the previous year’s level of technology implementation. So while there hasn’t been a marked increase in tech usage, at least edtech startups and entrepreneurs can find comfort in the fact that there has been no decrease either, despite considerable budgetary constraints affecting K-12 and higher ed institutions. That being said, K-12 institutions lag behind Postsecondary ones in terms of current tech integration, which might pique the curiosity of startup companies catering exclusively to the K-12 crowd.

Unfortunately, the report’s summary concludes that “U. S. education institutions are making only limited progress in leveraging technology and eLearning to meet their educational goals.” We shouldn’t despair, however. In this case, perhaps no increase in tech implementation is actually good news. More room for improvement, perhaps? Plenty of market potential lies ahead for ambitious companies.